text GOOGL

I always knew Google was freaking amazing, but I am yet again impressed with this mega conglomerate internet phenomenon.
So maybe you're wondering about the weather tomorrow. Or directions or flight status or prices for ipods or when George Washington's birthday is or how many yen are in a dollar... Well -- text GOOGL (45545) and it'll text you back an answer.

For example, I was wondering what movies are playing...I text'd in "movies 92630" and this is what I got back:

Movies: Lake Forest, CA 92630 1. Hancock 2. Wall-E 3. Wanted Send 1 to 3 for showtimes, or NEXT for more movies.

Brilliant! But, if I don't have you convinced...just text 'help' to GOOGL and it'll respond with tips.

And by the way, is you're still wasting $1.99 in chages for 411 you are lame. Use GOOG-411 instead. Works just as good and it's free.

I love Google.

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