Sappy is as sappy does

If you hate animals don't watch this.

This video is about 2 guys who purchased a lion from Harrods (you can buy one in their catalog); and they raised him...eventually he got too big and had to be integrated into the wild. Years later they returned to find the lion and here's what happened.

Disclosure: the song and ending is cheesy, but I must admit -- I totally cried watching it! And it's a true story (The Today show...The View)...and make sure to watch the lions face... Yup, just cried again watching it.

Gracie and Amersons are guaranteed to hate this. And guaranteered to tease me about blogging this video. Whatev.


Cami said...

I definitely just cried watching this. Hahaha. :)

andrea said...

Didn't cry.. but definitely got the chills. My co-worker cried.

Butch Jamie said...

This is so adorable!

weller14 said...

i am in england and my friend just showed this to me. crazy! i have a blog too: www.jennyweller.blogspot.com