Say My Name Say My Name

An actual discussion in class this evening:

Prof Glenn Dill: "What's your name [pointing at me]?"

Me: "Ange"

Prof Glenn Dill: "Oh.................that's uhhh............................a NAME."

This generated laughter from the class. I of course was waiting for the typical follow up questions that I'm normally asked after this type of response (How do you spell that? What does that mean? Is that a nickname?).

10 min. later...

Prof Glenn Dill: "You know, what does my name remind you of? Pickles? Yes, but your name reminds me of Danny Ainge - the Celtics player in the 80's. At least you know nobody will ever forget it -- like those Smith's or Jones'."

Me: "Well, I think you've been pronouncing Danny Ainge's name wrong all these years. It's pronounced Ange." (Then I turn to Katie Shannon and she says, "You must blog about this!")

Okay everyone, here's the deal. I've known since my first day of Kindergarten that my name is tough to pronounce. I know it's not a name you normally hear, but you should get used to it.

And by the way...if you have never heard the Becky Orange story PLEASE tell me and I'll share with you a glorious story that will ignite laughter in your soul.


The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

oh i LOVE that story Agnes! Please tell it.

Julie Hibbard said...

Oh Becky Orange. She was such a nice person!!
Love you