The Beauty of Facebook Ads

I saw this ad on the sidebar of my Facebook today:

The best part about these type of ads is:

1. You can use the thumbs up, thumbs down button to modify your advertising preferences, and let Facebook know if you want to stop getting ads like "Oprah's Acacia Diet" and "Interracial Dating Only" and "Catholic Match."

2. You learn important info like how hot chicks dig Barack Obama. ...Which makes me wonder if Obama is aware that ads like this even exist. I for one, truly enjoy looking at the funky ads, they bring humor and joy to my day.

If you have a classic sidebar Facebook ad, please share.


amersons said...

yeah. so there was one advertising the "new ipod of shaving"... i am not sure what that was supposed to mean, but i am instantly terrified.

Amber Rusher said...

Ange!!! I love you. You crack me up as always.

Joe Pena said...

when i came across an Obama advertisement i flagged it as "offensive" haha.

Joe Pena said...
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