Dodger Dogs and 2 Shady Ladies

Had such a GREAT day at Dodger stadium! Julie was nice enough to take me to my first Dodger game; and everything from our glorious parking spot to our shady seats to my first Dodger dog to us dancing on the JumboTron was perfect!THEN -- Julie's friend took us down to the Dugout Club and gave us even more amazing seats! Such a wonderful and beautifully fate intercepted day -- so fun!

Bloggers Note: I wanted to wear my Padres shirt but Julie guaranteed me I would get my a** kicked if I did. I was a Dodger fan for the day, but this in no way effects my previous and continuing fanhood of the San Diego Padres.


Julie Hibbard said...

I tried to explain to my mom last night all the incredible things that happened yesterday...like a dream for sure!
We definitely had it made in the shade!!
Thanks for going with me! I would love to take you to some Dodgers playoff games too unless you are going to the Padres playoff games. Oh wait!! The Padres are 18 games out of first place!!

Anonymous said...

You cheated on the Padres!!! How could you?!