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I've always wanted to catch a foul ball in the stands at a baseball game. Last night I went with Julie and Courtney to the Dodgers Giants game...and we had INCREDIBLE 2nd row 1st baseline seats! Right as we sat down I immediately started thinking: "This may be my day to catch a ball!" About halfway through the game my dream came true. Well, almost. The ball was hit, flew up, and was coming straight down to us...my heart was beating SO fast but I totally stood frozen as I watched the ball descend upon us. (All I could think about was that scene from Fever Pitch where Drew Barrymore was knocked out by the ball.) The ball then fell to the row directly behind us. Darrin ruthlessly shoved other Dodger fans aside and dove for the ball, falling down in the process. It was pretty incredible!Even though the Dodgers lost is was such a fun game...hung out at the Baseline Dugout Club, saw someone I haven't seen in a couple years (totally random...out of 55,000 people?), had a couple Dodger dogs and talked the whole time about boys and work and baseball and life in general. There truly wasn't a dull moment the whole night! And I have to say...this is my second time at Dodgers stadium and both times have been so amazing, it'll be hard to top this one!

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Darrin said...

Hey Ange, thanks for taking and posting that great picture of Wendy and I. Judging from your other posts, you're an Orange County transplant just like us. We had fun sitting behind you ladies on Friday night. Thanks again, and Go Blue!


And for the record, I didn't push anyone out of the way; I was the one who got pushed!