I absolutely love love love Wheel of Fortune. Such a great show! I mean -- Vanna? Pat? The Big Spin?!

Tonight Amy and I decided it was time. It was time we apply to be a contestant on the Best Friends show of W.O.F. I have no clue if it'll actually happen...but how cool would it be if we were chosen for this classic television show?? Would you watch if we were on the show?

So you think you've got Wheel of Fortune skills? Can you solve these puzzles?:
Until I get picked I'm brushing up on my skills here. And yes, it's on my phone as well.


The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

Revenge is sweet potatoes!!!!!! What do i win?

Ange said...

Good job Nanc! Now how about the 2nd one?

Natalie Annette said...

not that i doubt Nancy's abilities to solve puzzles, but if the last word in the first puzzle was potatoes, then the T's in potatoes would already be showing right?

and as for the second one...
grape-flavored bubble gum.

i think.

and yes i would TOTALLY watch.
amy said i should be your person.

The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

Nat, good job on #2. As far as #1 VANNA clearly MESSED up. After all these years she is bound to make a few errors. LOVE it! Ange where are the purses?

Robert Kunda said...

I don't have TV!

I'd watch it on YouTube!

Ange said...

Okay...Nancy was right...Revenge is Sweet Potatoes (what the heck does that mean?!). And yes, grape flavored bubble gum.

Natalie Annette said...

vanna is not allowed to make a mistake.
i have lost my faith in the system.