Dear Weather,

Please know that I am eternally grateful that I live in So Cal where the weather is awesome most of the year. You don't give us hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding... You give us some crazy Santa Ana winds and an occasional earthquake but I'm willing to overlook them. On one condition.

You've been letting the So Cal residents down these past few weeks. You've been all over the Doppler Radar lately and it's time for an intervention. I'm content with keeping the sunshine...I'm content with the rain...heck -- I'm content with just clouds and a breeze. But we would appreciate if you stuck with one season for longer than a day at a time. Honestly, I think it would be easier on you if you choose a season and stuck with it.

Ange and the Residents of Southern California


Anonymous said...

Do I bring out my winter clothes? summer? I'm sooooo confused!

Phil Chenery said...

I've just posted a link to you from my blog. Check it out!!

Christina said...

I think Mother Nature is afraid of commitment.