I took this picture a while ago at a really old church in Massachusetts, I come across it every so often and it always makes me wonder...

What was this doors original location destination? Why did it all of a sudden stop being a door? And is there anything blocking the door from the inside?

Side note: It makes me think of a time when I opened the door to the outside of a building and I wasn't looking when I stepped out. It was the door to the roof (I didn't know) and the step down was about 3 feet and I fell. For that 3 ft I thought I was falling off the roof...pretty traumatic.

Anyhoo, I don't understand why a person would just decide, "Hey, we're not going to use this door anymore. Instead of just locking it let's physically remove the steps."

Now, I can understand removing steps for the purpose of eliminating confusion, however -- all the steps around the rest of the church are cement. So I'm assuming these steps were cement.

Poor door. Never saw it comin.

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