Benefit of the Dow-nward Spiral

Okay, so I know millions of people have lost millions of dollars with this whole Wall Street thing. Yes, I feel bad for them. Yes, that totally sucks. Yes, investors all around the world are freaking out. There hasn't been this bad of a crash since 1929.


What about the rest of us who don't make the big bucks? Honestly, to live comfortably in Orange County is tough. Housing prices have skyrocketed over the past several years, and for anyone my age (or younger) to succeed is difficult. Buying a house with a yard, a garage, and more than 1 bedroom hasn't been an option for most of us. Until now.

I have to say...selfishly I'm glad the economy is kind of crazy right now. This gives people like me a chance to take advantage of the housing market and buy something at an affordable price! Granted, I haven't lost a house, I haven't had to foreclose or do anything like that. And for anyone that has too, I feel awful for them -- their investments at this point have gone down the crapper.

So, although the Dow is continuing to plunge downward, and has greatly affected a ton of people, it's actually providing an opportunity for my generation to get ahead.

Now, I wasn't alive during the Great Depression; I have no idea what it's like to live in an economy where practically all of America is jobless, broke, and hopeless. I am praying our country doesn't come to that point. But considering everything was ridiculously pricey, it was bound to happen! Something like this was inevitable...don't you think?

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