Katie Couric and Sarah Palin

I think tomorrow's VP debates will have higher ratings that the first Presidential candidates debates a few days ago. This is a good clip from one of Katie Couric's many interview's with Sarah Palin...it's almost 10 minutes but worth it... It's Palin's views on abortion, global warming, homosexuality, and the fact that she's not "really" a die-hard Christian like everyone has been claiming.


sunshine said...

i like making fun of sarah palin. i dont know why, but i usually talk like im from minnisota(i totally spelt that wrong) and say the b. i. t. c. h. word a lot. i make my family laugh, and myself.

Robert Kunda said...

omg ur so funy lol h.a.h.a. did i spelt it rite?

< sarcasm off >