Fashion Citation

Amy got a whole pack of these for me the other day (not because I was in violation of anything fashion related, but because they're super fun).

The best part about these citations is the "other" box to check and fill in. I'm sure we've all seen people who are in desperate need of a fashion citation.

Here is a list of some potential "other" fill ins I would give to people:

Mom jeans
Printed denim
Cheesy Christian tshirt
Bandana "mission trip style"
Cut off jean shorts w/ peekaboo pockets
Shoulder pads
"It's not Halloween, so put away the costume"

Am I forgetting anything?


Julie Hibbard said...

Allison MUST have created this.

Courtney said...

How about:
Double Denim
More than one animal Print...strike that...ANY animal print
Disney Clothing on Adults

Anonymous said...

um I have disagreee with courtney....leopard print is sassy.
I have to add strapless shirt/dress with a bra with clear straps...you can still see them! Don't get started on the ones aren't clear....blech.

amy said...

a few more write-ins:

tie dye

is that a shirt or dress?

is that a costume or not?

edward scissorhands boots

emo boy skinny jeans

Anonymous said...


Anything BIG DOG brand
Anything NO FEAR
Denim jeans with denim shirt
Fringe on vests or pants