Penny Discrimination

Why do people discriminate against pennies? We can't use pennies for most things...vending machines, soda machines, and even when you give pennies in the form of a payment at the market there is always a roll of the eyes because they have to count them. Heaven forbid someone who's job is to take money actually has to count the money. I personally love these little guys. Yes, it cost more money to make them then they're worth. But what can I say, I like seeing little Abe's floating around in my wallet.

I know people who throw these little guys away: if you are one of these people, do them a favor, just put them in a jar instead. Then take them to a CoinStar at a market and you will have an easy $20 in no time! Who wouldn't love an extra $20? Oh wait, it's 'technically' not an 'extra' $20 because it was yours to begin with. So you're basically throwing away $20 when you throw pennies away.

If I were in the vending machine business I would create a machine that accepts all forms of payment, including pennies. I think people would spend more, because otherwise the pennies are never used. They are either thrown away, fallen in the couch cushions, or hiding in some random drawer or an ashtray in the car.

PS: What ever happened to the 'cent' symbol on the keyboard? When did that go out of style?


Robert Kunda said...

¢ is easy... on a Mac! Option + 4

I hate pennies. Because you love pennies so much, I'll make you a deal. I'll give you NINTEY pennies for every ONE crappy collar bill you give me!

John Whittaker said...

I wonder who sells the copper to the government for the pennies... How long do you think until the base cost of the metal makes it so that they can just melt down existing pennies and then sell them to the government in bar form for a profit?

Anonymous said...

OMG I so feel you on this. I used to pay the toll road in pennies sometimes, and I even rolled them ahead of time and they would be like "I have to count this before you can go", I would be like "count it up then bitch" I hate the descrimination of the penny!

Anonymous said...

Oh and PS, Pennies melted into items are more valuable than the penny itself, but it is illegal to melt down the pennies for copper.