Tasty Morsels

My favorite baked good is brownies. I love them more than anything that has ever come out of an hot oven. My friend Amy Amersons loves cupcakes just as much as I adore my tasty morsels of brownie goodness. The benefit of being a cupcake lover is that the best cupcake store on the planet is 20 min from where we live: Sprinkles. These are truly the very best cupcakes I have ever tasted in my life! My personal favorite is Red Velvet, and the best is that you can buy a cup of milk to go with it – perfect! Perfectly baked, perfectly frosted, and although a little pricey ($4 per cupcake) it’s totally worth it (even when there is a 20 min wait to get inside!)

Still not convinced? How about their cupcake weekly calendar?? In addition to Red Velvet there is peanut butter, pumpkin, chocolate, vanilla, mocha, lemon, strawberry, etc. This handy little calendar is great, this way you won’t go on a day where your favorite cupcake isn’t being served.

For you brownie bakers out there, if you ever want to make my week just bake me a pan of delicious brownies. For you cupcake bakers out there, if you ever want to make Amy’s week bake her a dozen cupcakes.

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Emil said...

you are one of my favorite things that has come out of a hot oven