2008 Family Christmas Game

Our family has a tradition: whichever kid wins at the holiday game gets out of doing dishes after the big meal. These games occur on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. My family is pretty competitive, so it gets pretty heated during our games.

This Christmas Bill (stepdad) and Mom put together a Jeopardy game...but I have to admit, it was pretty tough. The categories were separated in 2 different rounds, and we were divided into 3 teams of 2. Luke and Christine were Team Awesome. Mercedes and Shannon were Team Cullen Wives. Katelin and I were Team Robin Hood Men in Tights.

Here were the categories for round 1:
Church History, Who Said That?, Top 20 Movies of All Time, Musical Terms, and It Happened in the OC.
Round 2:
The Bible, Presidents, Urban Legends, Sports Heroes, and Christmas Around the World.

In the past I've always been excluded from dishes because I always win. However, this year was tragic. I didn't win. Congratulations Team Awesome!


Anonymous said...

um. you mixed up the teams. I was with Shannon. We were the Cullen Wives.Heated was not the right word either.
Please print a retraction.

Anonymous said...

Ange, I'm in my PAJAMAS on your blog!!!!! AGHHHHhhh!!! Mom