A Christmas Eve Game!

Name all the things wrong with this picture. I count 6.


Ange said...
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Anonymous said...

Baby Jesus has blond hair??

Joe Pena said...

party pooper.

Anonymous said...

first of all...Mary & Joseph look like children. Mary has a bow in her hair & wearing a jumper. Thegift has wrapping paper on it. Jesus is smiling- babies don't smile at that age unless they have gas. OH!!! Mary is wearing Mary Jane's!

Anonymous said...

Good game.

1. All 3 of these people are white. I don't think they were all white like this.
2. Joseph is carrying a present.
3. Baby Jesus with curly blond hair.
4. Jesus wasn't really born in December, thus no birthday.
5. I don't think the virgin Mary wore Mary Janes.
6. ?? Ange what is the 6th one???

sunshine said...

this could be better if it was made with charlie brown characters... just sayin'.