Looking for a Job?

Over the past several years I've watched many people search for jobs and I've even helped a few get a job. I've done hiring in the past, so here are some tips for those of you looking for a job in this crappy, declining economy.

Disclaimer: so far in 2008 over 1,000,000 people have lost their jobs. That number is supposed to increase in 2009. You need to think long term when getting a job; what may seem "fun" at the moment can quickly turn to crap once something doesn't go in your favor in the workplace. However, a job is a job. A paycheck is a paycheck. And sometimes we need to suck it up in order to get what we want in the long run.

1. Modify Your Resume:
Have a few people read it, add to it, edit it, check and recheck for grammar, spelling, etc. Your resume is telling an employer "Hire me! Look how qualified I am!" A resume is the place where you need to brag about yourself -- don't be modest! Don't have someone to help you? Go online: www.resume-help.org

2. Utilize Your Networks:
Who do you know who has a job? Oh -- almost all your friends and family? Cool! Ask them if they are hiring! People are more likely to hire based off recommendations opposed to a random person walking in off the street. Are you on LinkedIn? GREAT place to utilize your current contacts and post your resume!

3. Apply for at least 5 jobs a day:
I know this seems like a lot, but chances are a ton of other people are applying for the exact same job you are. When you apply, go in by yourself (not with friends), dress nice, and be polite. Whoever you get the job application from will probably tell the manager about you, so don't be stupid -- be courteous and act like an adult. Take it seriously because nobody wants to hire an immature kid who comes in with their friends -- appearance is everything when finding a job!

4. Call People Back:
If someone calls you do whatever you can to call them back right away. If you wait (even a day!), they may misconstrue it as laziness or not caring about the job.

5. Don't Assume:
Don't assume you have the job if you get an interview; employers interview MANY people for each position, keep applying to other places even though you are interviewing for a job.

6. When interviewing:
a) Dress nice, give a firm handshake, look them in the eyes, smile.
b) Think about your answers before you say them. Talk clearly and give examples of your work history.
c) Turn off your cell phone.
d) Do your research beforehand. It's called the World Wide Web. And on the World Wide Web you can find a company's vision, mission, and goals. Understand what you are signing up for, and use the same verbage they use in your interview -- it will impress your interviewers and show that you understand and are on the same page as they are. Convince them that you are the PERFECT person for the job. How could they have lasted this long without you??

e) Always thank them for interviewing you, and ask when you should follow up. Show them you are serious and motivated about working for them.

6. Post Interview:
Call or email the following day. Then call or email again within 5 business days. This shows you are serious about the job, don't feel like you are being pushy! You are being persistent and determined, employers love people like this!

7. Take It:
Take whatever job you can get...but keep looking (if it's not your dream job) while you are getting an income. A small paycheck is better than no paycheck!

8. If all else fails:
Go to Volt, Apple One, etc. There are places out there that can help you find temporary employment.

9. Have you finished school yet?
Maybe now is the time. Right now our society is so educated that a person without a college education can only go so far in the long run for business/ministry (I should know, I just finished school a week ago). A degree says something about you, and during your season of unemployment why not take (at least) one class at a community college?

10. I don't have a #10. But it seems odd to have 9 tips opposed to 10. Do you have any tips? Add them! Make my list an even number!

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Robert Kunda said...

"7. Take It:
Take whatever job you can get...but keep looking (if it's not your dream job) while you are getting an income. A small paycheck is better than no paycheck!"

I don't necessarily agree with this. I've turned down job offers that were clearly not for me, or jobs that I planned a very short stay where the employer was looking for a long term person. I think it's rather dishonest to fill a position understood as long term with the intent to bail quickly.