Curious. Very Curious.

1. What is really going on in Area 51?
2. Will we ever find out who assassinated JFK?
3. Are unicorns real? If not, can we create them? I mean, we DID create the Puggle...
4. Is the conspiracy theory of the Freemasons true?
5. Did we really land on the moon?
6. If Bob Marley shot the sheriff, then who shot the Deputy?
7. Who is to blame for the sharp rise and fall of gas prices? Republicans?
8. Does the Democratic party fund the TV show 24?
9. Is Jason Bourne based off a true story?
10. Are Elvis and Tupac alive?
11. Why is everyone so curious about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
12. Does the end always justify the means?
13. How does text messaging really work? I mean, really?
14. Why are guys so bad at listening?
15. What exactly is in a hot dog? Bratwurst? Sausage?
16. Is there another galaxy out there with people on it wondering if there's a galaxy out there and wondering if we exist?
17. How does one fit a boat into a glass bottle?
18. How come we just can't print up more money? What's the big deal?
19. Why do we have leap year every 4 years? It's unnecessary confusion (in my opinion.)
20. Why did we add an extra second to this year?? (Leap second!)
21. What is time...really really.
22. Are ghosts real?
23. How is the government bailing out companies/people when we are already in debt? Is there a secret money stash somewhere?? I don't understand.
24. What is going on with the space time continuum on LOST?
25. How do igloos really work? How can a heater stay inside and the igloo not melt??


Dennis Beckner said...

Dennis was here. I know that's important for you to know. As far as question number 8, no. That show is actually enjoyable. The Democrats are unable to create joy because everybody has to be seen as a victim for their philosophies to gain traction. Victims do not typically have joy.

Robert Kunda said...

No, and /boggle
Your mom
No—that would mean endorsing heros and fighting terrorism
I'd tell you, but we'd both have to die
I won't dignify that with a response
The owl said 3
No, Machiavelli and his followers are wrong, and wicked.
Magic tubes.
yes, dear
all of the above
statistically impossible
push really hard
we do, doy!
Because, if we didn't account for the lost time, in a few years, the seaons would be wrong!
OMGosh Leap Second! I missed it!
Your mom!
I'm only on season three, shut it!
Ask Al Gore

Phil Chenery said...

considering we can make a Zonkey and a Ti-liger then surely a Unicorn should be easy.


Joe Pena said...

thats where they house the ark of the covenant
Lyndon B. Johnson
i thought they found a unicorn a few months ago
no. liberals are the problem.
i hope not
i wish.
i say five hundred
not always
a bunch of things
somehow it folds and once it is inside, it expands
then our currency would be worthless
i agree.
interesting...who cares
no, demons
stupid government
only the eskimos know.

Joe Pena said...
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deanna said...

OMG!!!! Joe!!! ...I always thought LBJ had something to do with it too! Glad I'm not alone on this one.