LOST Season 5 Premier + 12 thoughts


I have been waiting for this premier for months...and I was not disappointed! I loved every minute of the 2 hr premier! Here are some comments/questions that came to mind...feel free to answer them for me or add your own.

1. Who the heck is/was Neil (aka Frogurt)? Why did he all of a sudden pop up? Wasn't he in Twister?
2. I love that Vincent made a cameo.
3. Who is Red's constant??
4. So when the yellow plane crashed (with Eko's brother...remember Season 1?) -- shouldn't he have been in the plane when Locke tried to climb up?
5. Ghostbuster guy is proving to be a valuable asset to the left behind Losties.
6. Burnard is useless. He can't even make a fire. They should have kept Boone alive and sacrificed HIM to the island...
7. It seems as though Sawyer is assuming the role of the new Jack to the left behind Losties -- agreed? Live together die alone Sawyer!
8. Cheech. Seriously. If my just-broken-out-of-a-mental-institution-son showed up at my house with a dead body, I sure as hell wouldn't cover up for him with the cops.
9. How the heck is Kate going to cover up her mess with the blood sample and Aaron?? That makes me nervous.
10. For the first time ever, I actually like Hurley's mom.
11. Locke, once again, proved himself and totally kicked some serious Others ass.
12. Other than Desmond and Penny, my new favorite LOST character is Daniel Faraday. (which, btw -- he was also in Twister.)

I can't wait to see what other goodies are in store for this season!


Joe Pena said...

I'll always remember Neil from this famous commercial. The second he popped on the screen i said "Aaron Burr"

Joe Pena said...

btw, Daniel Faraday was also in one of the greatest movies of all time, Saving Private Ryan.

Julep said...

Nice roundup! I can add a little bit -

Neil/Frogurt has been a background character since season 4 (you can read details http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Neil_"Frogurt"), but it wasn't until the Lost Mobisodes that he really "broke out". (Neil and Hurley were arguing over who had a chance with Libby.) That was an awesome death!