Week in Review Jan 19, 2009

last week was: hectic. Trying to get everything packed, saying bye to the people I love...although I wasn't working it was still pretty crazy. Plus I forgot how much I loathe packing. I'm not that much of a planner when it comes to clothes. What can I say? I like options when on the road.

where I am at the moment: Sitting in my hotel room in Federal Way, WA; charging all my technology.

procrastinating about: Ironing my clothes for tomorrow.

book I'm in the midst of: Just finished "An Africa Awakening" by Valerie Bell (absolutely incredible! I highly recommend this for ANYONE who has a heart for missions...or a heart for Africa...or a heart for orphans!) Now I'm finishing up this months issue of Fast Company .

music I'm listening to: silence.

tv I'm watching: silencio.

next stop: Seattle is about 10 min. north of here. Tomorrow we'll hit up HQ in Federal Way, probably back to Seattle for a bit, then HOME to OC in about 2 weeks.

how I'm feeling about this week: Bummed because I forgot my camera cord (sorry friends, no pictures of the cat I photographed, the gnomes in Seattle, or our Chocolate Factory tour until I get home.) I'm feeling good so far about everything, I've met some amazing people I get to spend the next 9 months with, and so many other cool people in the city and at TPN (they are the ones who built the exhibit.)

what I'm excited for:
our first stop is (tentatively) is Santa Ana, CA for the exhibit (February-ish I think). Very fun! I'm also very excited for sleep -- I'm exhausted!


Natalie Annette said...

i dont know what kind of computer you are using, but mine has a slot for my camera's memory card. . .

just in case you know.

i also think that you should add most interesting thing to happen that week.

yea thats all.

Jay K said...


amy said...

i like it! i miss you! come home!

Ryanne said...

Booo on the camera cord.
Can't you
A) Buy a new one
B) Have your mom overnight the other one to you? Aren't you staying awhile in one place?