Irrational Fear #7

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I have an irrational fear that while praying with a group of people, I won't hear the prayer say "Amen" and I'll be left there with my eyes closed and head hung. I know what you're thinking, who cares if that happens? Ange, can't you hear anything? And if not, what's the big deal if you are left there for a few minutes?? I know I know...I shouldn't be concerned this will ever happen. However, it happened today! And then my fear CAME TRUE when someone said, "Ange...are you okay? Are you sleeping??" and then a flood of embarrassment came and my face turned BRIGHT red.

I have an irrational fear and it came to life today. And now I'm even more paranoid about it happening again. Awkward.

In a totally unrelated matter, I typed "pray" into Google images and this image came up:


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John Whittaker said...

If that happens again, just say "Shh. I'm praying. Geeze!"

Hope you're doing great.


P.S.- Freaky bathroom.

Dennis Beckner said...

I'm curious what how many Hail Marys (Maries?) and Our Fathers the creator of this would have to do.