Simplified Syncing

Right now I'm struggling with too much technology in my life. You've probably heard the saying..."technology is supposed to simplify our lives." For me, this is quite the opposite. I have 2 cell phones, 2 computers, multiple calendars and email's, and there is just too much! I have seperate email addresses for work, personal, spam, school, bills, etc. I have too many IM programs installed on my computers, and truly, too many portals for me to keep up with. There are so many social media sites and great blogs out there that I could spend 40 hours a week just keeping up with it all.

Here is my ideal situation:
1 cell phone
1 laptop
3 email addresses (work, social/bills, spam)
1 IM
2 Social media (Facebook and Twitter)

However, my problem is this: I get bored easily! I love change, so when anything new is created I love to try it and see how it "simplifies" my life. I love to experiment and be on the forefront of new stuff, and it's fun for me. I wish there was a way to sync everything together into one portal.

I'm not quite sure how to solve this problem, except to commit technology suicide. I love the idea of being FREE from all of it...and keeping it simple. But in my current situation I am unable to commit to that, so I'm still formulating what this means for me. Yes, I'm sort of a computer geek but I feel like my life is revolving around all this technology and I desperatly do NOT want to be tied to it like I currently am.

Guess what? Life isn't about technology. Surprised?


Emil said...

take a week off :)

Butch Jamie said...

I've been thinking about this lately, as I've been spending more time doing social networking online (OK, so only a few minutes a day but Facebook is so much crazier than myspace and it's all new for me) and I have resisted it for so long. I do not want it to take over my life. I walk this line between totally getting sucked in to all of it, and resisting it completely, and I usually err on the side of resisting it completely. I do not watch TV; I do not follow the news; I do not IM; I do not text; I do not download music; I do not spend a lot of time on social media sites; I regularly read only two blogs (yours and Leah's). Lately, however, I've started to ask myself - am I missing something? What is it? Do I want it? Do I need it? So I'm starting to carve out a path between the two extremes when it comes to technology, communication, and information. It's not easy for me; I am a person of extremes (and you might be as well) - it's either all or nothing; sometimes going for "all" of it is a very carpe diem kind of way to live, and other times it's overwhelming and prevents you from finding a good balance in life.

I think you could log on to Facebook, for example, only once a day and browse around. Don't be afraid that you're going to miss things if you're not constantly checking in because we all miss things; there is so much life going on around us all the time, and the point is not to try to capture all of it. I think part of the lesson is accepting the fact that we cannot do everything, be everywhere, know everything. And that's OK.

Ange said...

Good points Michelle. You're right...just because I don't check all these dang portals for a week it doesn't mean the world will come to an end.
I'm impressed that you don't watch TV/follow the news. My problem is I love reading the news online, so I totally get caught up in all that!!!