Week in Review: March 25, 2009

last week: was unique. Different atmosphere, different crowd of people... It was cool to bring a Christian organization to a secular campus about an issue that effects every race, gender and religion. I learned a lot at ASU, and can't wait to go back! Had an incredible drive from Phoenix to Cameron! At one point it started to hail, then snow, then it was practically pitch black while I was attempting to drive up this mountain. It went on like that for about 30 minutes then all of a sudden within 5 minutes it cleared up and I arrived at the top of this mountain...which was actually a plateau. It was super sunny and fields of green in every direction. I've never been on a plateau (plateau's should only be found in Geography books...not in the lives of people. haha), it was sooo cool!
So we were in Phoenix the same time as Spring Training so I OF COURSE had to hit up a Padres game...this story requires a whole additional blog, because it was freaking incredible. Stay tuned.
Today we went inside the Grand Canyon park, it was great! I've been there before, but at a different rim so the view was different...but still looked pretty much the same. We were able to hike down a bit, so of course we took a ton of pictures. This is me saying "Yay for the Grand Canyon and not falling in when I jump!"
most interesting thing that happened last week: Meeting incredible and unique people. There are a few people I met that stick out in my mind but overall the people were super cool. The conversations that I had were so different than those at our previous site, some caught me off guard but I loved it. It was also interesting seeing a ton of Taxidermy stores everywhere I looked.

where I am at the moment: In my hotel room in Cameron, AZ. My hotel balcony has an incredible view of the Grand Canyon...I would sleep out there if it weren't 30 degrees outside.

procrastinating about: uploading those Grand Canyon pictures to Facebook.

book I'm in the midst of: Still reading 'The Hole in Our Gospel.' Written by our CEO Richard Stearns...sooo good... Tomorrow while driving I'll start listening to another book...Amber has been key in my book choices so far.

next stop: Salt Lake City, UT. Then heading to Billings, MT (Faith Evengelical Church) in a few days.

how I'm feeling about this week: It's mostly driving, but I've never been to SLC, and we're going to stop and see the Mormon temple...which should be pretty interesting. I've heard our next site is really amazing, and my co-worker/friend Megan is going to join us so I'm super excited about that!

what I'm excited for: I'm working on my first video project. I haven't used iMovie in a couple years, so it's taken me a little time to get the hang of it. I'm excited to pick a shnazzy tune to accompany the video...I have my top 10 and need to narrow it down -- something to add to my to-do list while driving tomorrow!

by the way: apparently I don't know weather very well. I didn't know that it snowed at the Grand Canyon.
friends I saw: Julie was in Phoenix the same time I was! She was there for Spring Training -- so we met up for dinner -- so fun and so good to see her! It was like a little bit of home...which was nice cuz I was missing my friends and family this week!
(btw--I am wearing my Just Like Audrey headband, so cute!)


Julie Hibbard said...

Everyone was asking me, "Did you just HAPPEN to run into Ange??!"
SO glad we did! The blessing of being good bloggers!!!
Love the updates!
Beautiful shots of the Grand Canyon!
Thinking of you!!

ambrosia said...

You're incredible, Ange! I'm so glad we get to stay connected via Twitter!!!
Thanks for the shout out (I felt like a big deal)- let me know when you're ready for more books!

Butch Jamie said...

Beautiful pics of the canyon. The jumping shot is amazing! I'm not sure how you managed to pull that off.

Glad you're having fun on your travels.