Wheel of Not-So-Good-Fortune

Amy and I went to try and get an audition for Wheel of Fortune last week. The WheelMobile was rolling into a casino out by Palm Desert, and we were so excited!

So much happened...so here's a bullet point list:

-Ratio of old to young people: 95:1
-It was freaking disorganized! They should take a hint from Summer Spectacular on how to organize people.
-I randomly saw a friend from elementary school.
-The lines for the 3 different shows lined up at different times, for our 6:30PM show the line was wrapped around the entire inside and outside of the casino.
-To keep ourselves busy waiting in line, we played games on our iPhones/iPod Touch, downloaded new apps, and watched Best Week Ever. Then compared line-waiting traditions in 2009 to line-waiting traditions in 2000.
-Women were hanging around inside the smokey casino with their babies. Parents are rad.
-After we filled out our blue applications, all 1500 of them were put into a drawing and "Marty" drew out about 25 names to audition. We didn't get called. So we didn't audition.
-For the people that were chosen to audition, "Vanna" turned the green squares over and actually WROTE the letters on the white board when the letter was guessed. Ghetto Fabulous!
-Although we didn't get to audition, we DID go to the buffet. Which was perfect.

Overall it was super fun...but I will probably never try out for Wheel of Fortune again.


Josh Helmuth said...

Ahh man, that stinks. You would think they WOULD have it more organized. Too funny though.

Emil said...

I went to church with Pat's brother....they look a lot alike