Best Birthday Present!

Ryanne got me an amazing birthday present! (she gave it to me a couple weeks ago...but I'm just now trying to catch up on blogging...and this is bloggable!)

If you don't already know; me, Ry, and Courtney have a blog: The Gnome Travels of Norm and Archie (Side note: due to an unfortunate accident, Archie has been retired [and by retired I mean killed], and replaced by Marley. But URL's can't change, so we're keeping the original name. Sorry Marley.) Our little gnomes travel to some pretty cool places...so we document these little guys and their adventures. Adorable, I know.

At home I have a Gnome garden in our atrium. I love it. I can't wait to keep filling it up with 100 beautiful, vintage looking gnomes! Ry and I have been looking at these little gnome doors for a while...and I still can't stop thinking how CUTE they are! So Ry got me one! This is Norm and Marley in front of my new door!

Stay tuned for pictures of my door in my Gnome garden!

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PETE Di LALLO said...

Are you kidding???