Favorite Wife: Escape from Polygamy

I just finished the book, Favorite Wife, the other day. I picked this book up at Barnes & Noble because the cover looked interesting (I'm a sucker for a good cover.) I couldn't stop reading it once I started. It's a true story of a girl who grew up in a polygamist colony and became the 7th wife of a religious leader in the FLDS church. Eventually she was one of ten wives and her kids were among 58 others from one father. Talk about middle-child-syndrome.

This world of polygamy is so foreign and tragically sad to me. I can't imagine living a life constantly fighting for the attention and love of my husband, and knowing I'm not enough for him, and knowing he's constantly dating other woman. I can't imagine having sister-wives and living in poverty while watching my husband marry additional woman, and pushing us further into poverty. The crazy part, is the people who live this way genuinely believe they are doing the right thing, and they intend on raising their children believing the same thing. It's amazing that people can live a horrible lifestyle and encourage their own children to continue the tradition. What a tragic life to live...how do you find joy in the midst of that?

This book was gripping and intense, but funny and I could totally relate to the author. I really loved it and can't want to read it again. I highly recommend it!

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