Sister Sister

I love the movie Sense and Sensibility. What I love most about it is the beautiful love and friendship between the two older sisters, Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. It reminds me of the relationship between me and my older sister, Mercedes. At one point in the movie the younger sister, Marianne, gets super sick and almost dies. The whole time she was sick in bed the older sister sat by her side, and cried and prayed for her to get better. It reminds of the time I had a severe case of the measles in 4th grade...I don't remember much other than Mercedes playing a New Kids on the Block cassette for me when I was laying in bed. I also remember waking up a few times and she was sitting by my bed...just waiting for me to get better.

I love sister movies, I love when actors can accurately portray the connection sisters have, and how despite crappy circumstances nothing can break that bond. I love my sisters!

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OMG! I just read this & now I understand your text. this just made my week