As I sit here...

I'm laying on a daybed in my apartment in this little alcove of a balcony...(think college dorm but cooler. And no, this is not my bedroom), overlooking the Sound in Tacoma. There are fireworks in the distance, I'm listening to a playlist with Rocco de Luca, Ray Lamontagne, and Shawn Mullins. It's 10:30pm, the sun went down about an hour ago but the lights are off, only a small candle is lighting the room. I feel extremly peaceful.

I'm sitting here and can't help but thank God for where He has put me at this very moment. A year ago I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be here, doing what I do and knowing the people I now know and love. I am overwhelmed by how God finely crafts our character over time. I am overwhelmed by how He plans our life before we were born, and although we "think" we "think big picture" -- we don't in comparison to God's plan.

I know the phrase "God is so good" is over used and ridiculously cliche --- but it's so true. God is so good. The other day I was having a discussion about faith and how we know if the decisions we make are from God, or from our own hearts/minds/desires. I truly believe that the influence of our faith is revealed in hindsight, and the way we know the right decision has been made is recognizing the blessings post-decision.

A year ago I wouldn't have considered being in the job and place I am today. Through a series of events, conversations, and a LOT of prayer God stopped me in my tracks and shifted my path. At the time I thought I was making a mistake, but I can now see how this was God's plan for my life. Isn't it funny how we always think we know what we're doing? But then God smacks us upside the head and puts us in such a vulnerable position that it forces us to look nowhere else but to Him...

I love where God has brought me. I love how He's stretching me in ways that drive me crazy. I love how He helps me understand that He's more interested in my character than my comfort, and through this challenging time in my life He is preparing me for something....not sure what it is....but it's something!

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