Breaking in Old Heels

I haven't worked in a cubicle for the past 7 months-ish. My job consists of being on my feet most of the day, which I love. I'm moving around, talking to people, and encouraging visitors to make a difference in the world by sponsoring a child through World Vision.

I didn't realize what a drastic transition this would be for me to move back (temporarily) into the world of cubicles. Granted, I'm only here for a few months, but I'm realizing I've fallen back into the old cube habits that I once had. Standard work schedule, pictures on my desk, laptop life, etc. It feels normal, it feels like I never left. But it makes me miss the other part of my job so much!

I've also realized how much I love heels. I know, this sounds super ridiculous, right? Well, think what you like, but I've dusted off my old cubey shoes and am breaking them in again. It's like I never left them; yet my feet don't remember the height, slant, and formation that wedges, pumps, and stiletto's create. There is some pain involved.

That's how I feel in life right now. I feel like I never left, but there is some pain in the transition stage. I can see the light ahead of me, getting there is going to be a bit painful. In the meantime, I'll revel in my cute heels :)

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Deanna Kate said...

Amen sista! You know how I feel about heels :)