The History and Legend of the Infamous Bendy Straw

After many years I have decided to finally share the story of the infamous bendy straw:

Once upon a time I saw a bendy straw sitting on the counter. At the exact same moment I saw MJ on TV with a sweet cordless, receptionist looking mic. Lo and behold I put 2+2 together and created a microphone for myself.

This was about 10 years ago, ever since many people have taken part of my tradition of singing loudly in my car with a bendy straw. Allison even asked me a couple months ago why nobody has blogged about this, or why she hasn't heard of it. It's been kept under wraps a bit, so now it's open for the world wide web to enjoy! It has also evolved to an air guitar band that me and Courtney like to call, "The Bendy Straws" - or as Cathy refers to us as, "The Twisty Straws."

Either way, it's fun, easy, and they are always in my car. I am rarely without a bendy straw in reaching distance in my car. Here are just a few pics of some who have enjoyed the bendy straw experience with me.
In addition, in my opinion the top 5 best songs to sing to with a bendy straw are:
1. Love Shack
2. Sweet Child of Mine
3. I'm on a Boat
4. Anything Jana Alayra
5. Lovesong

If you would like to add your bendy straw experience photo to the collection let me know!

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Anonymous said...

what about "hit me baby one more time"?