You never know...

You never know who you're going to meet on an airplane. The greatest (and also the worst) part about sitting next to someone, is you have their undivided and uninterrupted attention for hours... Now, I normally try and stay within my own "zone" on a flight -- I'm usually tired and want to focus on a movie or my book. I'm so glad I abandoned my personal agenda yesterday.

Sitting next to me was a woman who's son has motivated and inspired millions of people: Sean Swarner. Sean is a 2 time cancer survivor and the only person to have climbed the 7 Summits around the world. He's a climber, speaker, author, CEO of a non-profit called the Cancer Climber Association, and such an inspiration:

I just ordered his book, Keep Climbing, and so excited to read it. I love true stories that inspire us to reach beyond our current expectations of ourselves... I'm not a climber, and have no intention of picking up this hobby -- but I'm amazed at how this guy has pushed through obstacles that threatened to claim his life over and over.

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