Green Skylines

Disclaimer: I am a huge fan of skylines. Whenever I come across one I usually marvel at their beauty, I love the different heights on the skyscrapers, I love the lights and the uniqueness of each one I see. In every major city there is a skyline unlike any other -- I love them so much.

With that being said, I just don't understand skylines. Do the employees in these buildings intentionally leave on certain lights? Is there some sort of system to make sure some lights on each floor are left on? What about their electric bills? Wouldn't it be so much cheaper to turn them off? And how come these skylines haven't been told to turn them off? That's not going very green in my opinion.

I remember a couple years ago in California when Edison was having some sort of shortage and we were all told to keep lights off, stores all over OC turned their lights half off to save energy -- everyone was pitching in. Oh, except the skylines. I don't understand how skylines can get away with keeping lights on, when we are expected to go green. If you work for a building in the midst of a skyline please let me know. Thanks.

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