Hello world!

Introducing: baby Maddox!

Baby Maddox...1 month old today! Here are some essentials you should know about him:

1) His mama is so beautiful!
2) He's cute even when he yawns
3) I mean...whuuuut...? Can he GET any cuter?!
Quick story...Maddox was born on his due date -- apparently this is a rarity. I was traveling for work so my mom went in my place. In order to make sure Maddox saw me asap, mom introduced him to Picture Ange....So, naturally when I got back and met him, I had to clear up any misunderstandings.
okay... 4) He lets me hold him and he doesn't cry. This is weird for me, I have held very few babies in my life, and I normally make them all cry within seconds.5) He survived his very first Black Friday. Congratulations! Next year: TBN.

6) He already loves Starbucks. Look! He's trying to grab my drink! Addiction is in the genes!
7) Peanut!
8) His brother is ultra cool (hopefully C and I will get Maddox hooked on Nerds Ropes asap.)
9) He's already been to the beach -- true SoCal baby!10) He has the most loving parents, I'm so excited for this family! And I cannot WAIT until he goes to his first Padres game!


Maddox said...

Auntie Ange, we love you SO much! Thank you for the super sweet blog!

Anonymous said...

1) he needs to develop teeth before you introduce him to nerd ropes
2)try decaf otherwise mama is gonna be too tired.
3) if you go to TBN, I as an advocate for children, please provide sunglasses

OK, that's all I got.
He is very cute.

The OC Josh said...

Dear "Maddox"
Great URL