A New Chapter: Seattle Bound

Hey guess what? I'm moving to Seattle! This January I will finally take the long-awaited journey into becoming a grown up. I'm excited to start a new chapter in my life in the Pacific Northwest!

If you don't know already, here are some super cool things about Seattle:

1. Headquarters to Starbucks, Nordstroms, Amazon, and World Vision US.
2. You can throw fish around and it's totally acceptable (thank you Pike Place).
3. Close to Victoria, Portland, Astoria, and other amazingly cool cities.
4. Great churches (already found my new church: http://www.occ.org)
5. Beautiful sunrise's like this over the Puget Sound:
6. You don't have to drive everywhere because a ton of stuff is in walking distance.
7. According to the US Census Bureau, Seattle is THE most educated city in the US. I feel smarter already.
8. Seattle Sounders, Space Needle, Seattle Grace Hospital, museums, ferry's, The Hub, Doyle's, Fremont...
9. There are more dogs than children in the city of Seattle.
Whenever you are in the area and need a place to hang, my couch is officially open to you.

I'm not at all ready to leave my friends and family, it will be a rough 6 weeks ahead but I'm looking forward to it!

PS: rest assured, I will never become a true Mariners fan. I will be staying loyal to my Padres!!


Julie Hibbard said...

I was totally all in...til I got to #9. Other than that, I will be taking you up on the couch very soon! Allison and I were in Seattle a couple of years ago and it was GORGEOUS! LOVED every minute of it!!! You will be missed, but you will definitely grow in every single way too. YOU ARE LOVED!!

Cathi said...

So SO excited for you. And slightly jealous.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming....