Welcome Home (?)

So I've moved from Orange County to Seattle -- finally. Although I have "lived" there for almost 1 month (in 5 days to be exact) -- I have spent about 5 days total there. I've been traveling for work so much (Tulsa, and now Minneapolis), so it hasn't given me much time to let my new life sink in.

This provides a big "opportunity" for me to feel out of sorts.
Out of sorts is an understatement.

I don't have my footing...I don't know where most of my stuff is (well, it's in boxes...in my house...somewhere)...and I haven't gotten used to the idea (in the slightest) that I now reside in the great Pacific Northwest.

With all that said, I feel a strange peace about it all. I don't know why or how -- all I can figure is that God obviously has me where he wants me. And even though I went kicking and screaming -- submitting to God's will for my life has been the best (and in reality, only) decision for me.

Will I miss my friends and family? Heck yes. Will I miss touring with the Experience as much? Yes. Will I miss my church and comfy lifestyle? Yes.

But this is what I know. If I felt like I made the wrong decision, I could always move back to OC. And my true friends will remain my true friends even though I'm 1200 miles away. And my family will love me regardless of my location.

God is more interested in my character than my comfort, and if moving me to a strange, rainy place is where he wants to mold my character -- then I guess I'm in the right place.


Amy Amersons said...

you are SO SO SO missed. we love you and are proud of the work you are doing!!!

Julie Hibbard said...

I always say as long as you can find your toothbrush and a bowl and a spoon, you can make it.
Take your time and enjoy the ability to put things any where you want...and move them from time to time even!
I am so happy that you are on your own and in such a beautiful place. I cannot wait to come see your new place.
I will bring my own bowl (oh--BYOB!) if necessary!! :)

Jen said...

"Mold you character" in "a strange, rainy place" (aka...the PNW.) No pun intended I'm sure...

Love you friend, and I am glad you are here. God always prepares the places we go before we get there, so rest assured that you are here for a purpose and he hasn't and will not give you any tests that are beyond your abilty to bear. If you are following him you will be molded, instead of molding in the closet by not being obedient. And if "molding" in the rain is a trial, just remember the sunny days here eliminate any gloom the rain brings because they are glorious. And as for "molding", a little clorox bleach will take care of that.