I'm gonna be honest. I don't like exercising. I'm not a self-motivator when it comes to exercising on my own -- I'm the type of person who needs encouragement to push myself to keep going. I work out much better in groups, especially in classes (spin, kickboxing, etc.) -- however, last night I was introduced to an incredible work out that I love love love. Air-obics! It's working out on a trampoline, so fun and SO exhausting. I got my butt kicked!

It's about 25 people (at Sky High Sports in Bellevue), all on their own trampoline and an instructor telling you what to do, what type of bounces to do, etc. for an hour. Sounds silly, I know. But don't knock it till' you try it!

This video doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea. Hopefully trampoline bouncing will be in the next Summer Olympics in 2012 -- cuz I may be shooting for the gold in this glorious activity (sport?)


Anonymous said...

I do want to try this however the closest location is sacremento. not so much. looks like fun. lets go when I visit.

Ryanne said...

I am sure I have told you this before, but Jonathan used to be in gymnastics when he was little. Basically he jumped on the trampoline and jumped into the foam pit. That is what I think of when I visualize you doing airobics.

be_a_Mary said...

wow! i've never heard of this but it looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

Emil said...

That would be so awesome!