Going, going...back, back to Cali, Cali...

I'm back in Cali for a week, and I apparently brought the Seattle weather with me (sorry, California).

Even though I spent all of 2009 traveling the US, and moved to Seattle in January 2010, I've realized a few things, living someplace else and visiting home:

1. There will always be too many people I want to spend time with, and not enough time.
2. Catching up on life is completely different than living life with the people you love.
3. Not having a car makes you completely reliant upon other people. Feels like I'm in junior high again.

Although I'm loving being here, it's not a "vacation" -- because there really isn't any down time. I'm not complaining, just realizing it'll never be an easy balance between going on a "real vacation," and spending time with my family and close friends.

In the meantime, I'm soaking up every minute I have with whoever I can...and convincing them that Seattle is a GREAT place to visit :)

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