Animal of the Week

I've been waiting a while to post this animal of the week -- and this is the perfect day to post! This week's animal is a Harbor Seal!
Harbor seals are adorable...so cute...so playful...and I love them so much that I became a Seattle Seal Sitter (click here to find out what a Seal Sitter is.)

Another special reason for posting, is yesterday I was able to help this little seal "pup" -- Primo -- (picture below.) He was extremely dehydrated and underweight, we had to take him away because he wouldn't survive on his own -- we went to take him away to PAWS, and thinking he would need to be put down (and yes, it was extremely sad. My mom suggested that he just needed a hug, I completely agree with her), but read the whole story here.
Love these little guys, they own a little piece of my heart :)
Added 08/14: Primo didn't make it :( Read the story here.

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My heart hurts