I Love the Food Network

Love love love: I love every show on the Food Network. I love Iron Chef, Dinner Impossible, Diners, Drive ins and Dives, Chopped, etc etc etc. I am always surprised how many new shows are created, and always surprised how much I love every one of them.

Guess what? I'll never get tired of cake competition.
Guess what? I'll always be stressed when it comes down to the final seconds of competition.
Guess what? I always look into cooking classes when I'm watching shows.
And guess what? I think the British judges are always unnecessarily harsh on the competitors.

The past few months whenever I travel I always look in advance to see if there are any Diners Drive ins and Dives, I've been to several and am always in love with the food. I think Guy Fieri and I would be great friends.

I love the ambition of chefs; I love their creativity, their competitive nature, and how talented they are. Maybe later on in life I'll take on the (intense) hobby of competitive cooking.

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