10 Reasons I Adore My Mother.

Let's be honest...if you know my mom, you know there are WAY more than 10 reasons to love her. However, 10 is a nice number for a blogpost so here we go!

1. She is super cool. Loves to go to parties, have fun, be spontaneous, travel, and has a fantastic wardrobe.
2. She is the very best role model of how to selflessly serve in ministry.
3. She taught me how to attack a problem and solve it, not avoid it like the plague.
3. Animals: cats, dogs, birds, goats, turtles, and so much more!
4. She sends all the kids in my family (plus a few special almost-kids) "Good Night Children!" texts every night.
5. She always sees the bright side in every situation. Puts things in perspective.
6, She is so excitable -- whenever I tell her something new, I can always count on her being excited for me.
7. TV: we love the same shows! 30 Rock, LOST, Glee...
8. Talent: my mother is so incredibly talented. She's super smart, musical, creative, hard working, and FUN!!
9. Learning: my mom will probably have the desire to learn until the day she dies. In fact, she started taking violin lessons about a year ago. Amazing.
10. Reading: we love the same books! Twilight, Hunger Wars, you name it -- we read the same type of books, it's fantastic.

Happy Mothers Day, I love you, mom!

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