On the hunt...

I never realized how much truly goes into a job change. I've been at my existing job for 6 years and within this time frame I have accumulated a load of belongings I need to "clean up" before I depart. There’s the new email address, change of address for my Fast Company mag and other crap, documents on my H drive, pictures on my T drive, stuff that's been sitting in my desk drawers (that I never knew I had) for the past 2 years, everything that’s been plugged into my Outlook like contacts, calendar dates, etc. It's slowly coming to fruition all the things will change in my life in the next couple weeks. I'm now officially on the hunt for a job, and it's not fun. Yes, I initiated this change, well - God initiated the change, but even so - it's still stressful. It’s also liberating and I feel this sense of freedom. I can go anywhere, do anything, and nothing is really holding me back. That part is fun. …I guess I can now be a part of the Saddleback Employee Archive group on myspace… Good times.

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