Home Sweet Home

Things that are going on around me…

The cat, Phoebe, is rolling on the carpet.
My sister, Katelin, is looming.
Season 6 of Gilmore Girls is on the tube.
Our parrot, Lola, is squawking out misc. phrases such as HELLO, DUKE, HELLO, and MMMMMM…it's extremely loud.
My cell phone keeps ringing; it’s in the parlor so I am refusing to answer it because I am in the living room.
The sun is leisurely going down…
My mom and Bill just walked in.
The dog, Duke, just galloped in and started chasing Phoebe around the room; then Phoebe turned on him, and started chasing Duke. (Keep in mind that Duke is a really big black lab). In the process of this chase they managed to knock over a plant, a pile of books, and made the parrot squawk even louder.
My stepdad (Bill) just called me a pusher. Like a drug pusher. All because I brought season 1 and 2 of Lost into the house, and they are now addicted. Mwahahahaha.
Katelin just brought out the turtles; they are tottering on the tile.
Duke is licking my feet; I think he likes my lotion

It’s fun to come back home and listen to familiar sounds and watch familiar scenes of “home.” I love it.
The End.

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