Another softball bloggy

So I'm "technically" part of the softball team, "Good News Bears." I have nominated myself the Team Mom. The first practice I brought water bottles, carrot sticks, and baked goods. In a basket. This past week I brought water and graham crackers. I'm hoping that my nutritional snacks will bring the team to a point where they can actually win a game. That hasn't happened yet. BUT - it's all fun and I love cheering on my team. I learned this past week that teams are sometimes together for years....a friend of mine has been on her team for 6 years. I know another team that's been playing together for 11 years. That's crazy! I bet the reason they stayed together was the kick ass team mom snacks. Go mom!

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juliehibbard said...

Like the new blog look!!
You are not old enough to be a team mom...plus, the kids would hate you if you brought carrots.