Gas cans, policia, and a SIG alert

I'm one of those people who chooses to wait to get gas until my gas light turns on in my car. Bad mistake. I'm on the 73 and my car stutters and turns off. I luckily make it to the shoulder of the 73 and wait 10 min before I start my car and make it to the closest off ramp. I find myself searching...wait...."coasting" for a gas station while driving along a construction zone 2 lane road. My car then decides to stutter and stop, again. Picture this: my red SUV stopped in the middle of the road - a 2 lane road (there is no shoulder, just a curb), during rush hour traffic. Yup.
I call my sister who is on her way with some gas, about 20 min later (after multiple honks from cars -- LIKE I CHOSE TO RUN OUT OF GAS ON A 2 LANE ROAD), a cop pulls up behind me. She gets out and tells me I have traffic backed up for A MILE. She is very very very mad at me. She goes back to sit in her van behind me, about 15 min. later my beautiful sister Mercedes shows up with a gas can.
What happens next you ask? We can't open the gas can. Tricky little suckers. We finally get it open. The gas nozzle won't fit in my tank. The McGuyver came out in me....I use pens and envelopes to create a funnel in which to pour gas into. All the while gas is dripping out of the can, onto my sisters work clothes (her scrubs, she's a nurse at CHOC in oncology ICU -- gasoline and cancer kids aren't a good combo), and all over the street, me, and the cop. EVENTUALLY AFTER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME with multiple attempts to pour in gas, we prevail and get a little less than a 1/2 gallon into the tank. I drive off watching the 2 miles of backed up traffic and a pissed off policewoman in my rearview mirror.
What is the lesson learned?
1) Get gas
2) Avoid all construction zones if you need gas
3) Don't honk at stopped cars on busy highways, they probably didn't choose to be there
4) Get gas
5) Sisters are life savers
6) Envelopes and gasoline don't make a good match
7) Roadside assistance is lame ("We can secure your roadside assistance within a hour")
8) Get gas.
9) Get the correct nozzle for your gas can.

...funny little story...heehee....


Randy said...

I think you need to blog more... but i like the story...

KAT said...

That is the most awesome gas story! My sister ladies and gentlemen!