DC back again

So I'm headed back to DC tomorrow -- I feel like I was just there. I'm going for a wedding and I'm excited about going for several reasons...my family is going to be there (except for my older sister)...it's a vacation...and I'm going to hang out with some long lost buddies... I'm most excited because my brother and I have decided to go to the totally random and most un-touristy places while we're there. We've both been there before, so I think we'll go to places like Anacostia Park and the C & O Canal and the Eastern Market. I like traveling the most when I get to experience the culture of an area. Although DC isn't a foreign country, I would still like to go to places you can't see on the Discovery Channel. I'm excited to sit in a Starbucks at Dupont circle for a couple hours and people watch and read and stuff. Plus, hanging out with my fam is ALWAYS fun and quite loud. Good times.

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