Crox in a box

So, I was driving on the 405 the other day and there was random traffic. As I looked ahead I noticed cars swerving around some crap in the middle of the road. I roll up closer and notice they're boxes, and there is SOMETHING scattered across 2 or 3 lanes. I couldn't tell what they were until I drove right next to them......
Scattered across 3 lanes on the 405 were about 50 pairs of CROCS!!! They were in the boxes...boxes fell out of the car...and crocs were scattered. I was by myself, couldn't take a picture...but TOTALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I had many thoughts running through my head as to why this was so funny:

1) Crox in a box
2) Crocs on the loose
3) Freeway crocs
4) Croc talk
5) Someone was dumb enough to put 4 big boxes in their trunk, and obviously left it open (the car was pulled over)

What a joyous ending to miserable traffic.

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