So I read this morning on my Yahoo news a couple things...
1) Paris Hilton had bread and juice for her first meal in the slammer (WHO CARES?!!! THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER THINGS GOING ON IN THE WORLD! PEOPLE NEED TO STOP WRITING ABOUT FLIPPIN PARIS!)
2) A mass Holocaust grave was just found in Ukraine...crazy! It's weird to think how we're still picking up pieces of the Holocaust. It seems like it was so long ago (mostly because I wasn't alive when it happened), yet we're still finding evidence and GRAVE SITES!!!!
3) World photos. This is one of the main reasons I read Yahoo news...I LOVE looking at this week in photos...


Joe Pena said...

Debbie Downer....wah wah

Anonymous said...

you should totally check out

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Randy said...

now is it Ukraine...or The Ukraine?? The England? The Switzerland? Penny for your thoughts... any news on megs application?