Yea for Mercedes!

This weekend my sister got engaged! I am SO happy for her (and of course Vlad as well)! Vlad proposed to Mer on the beach, then they came up to this restaurant and our family and her BFF's were there waiting...here's a video clip of them coming in...

Yea for wedding planning!!! GOOD TIMES!


Joe Pena said...

where are the belly dancers?! vlad looked so nervous.

Anonymous said...

1. Oh the freaking cuteness.
2. Your family acts Greek... it is an appropriate setting.
3. So funny to see Mer SO surprised.
4. Vlad looks so proud of himself... in a cute way.
5. I heard "OPA!" at least once, if not twice.
6. It is official. I want to be adopted by la familia Angerson.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! SO fun! I will never forget it!

Joe Pena said...

Question: If it was a greek restaurant, then why could i hear mexican music????