I'm going to get a kitten. Which do you like best?

Kitten 1:

Kitten 2:

Kitten 3:

Kitten 4:

Kitten 5:

I have no idea where to get a kitten, any ideas??


Randy said...

So i was voting on your poll... and once i selected the grey tabby... it showed the results...
1 for the black 3 for the grey tabby and 1 for the orange stripey... well then it showed percentages....
black 33%
orange stripey 33%
grey tabby 100%
what???? so apparently you can have 166% sweet. Anyway i like number 1 or number 2 on your pictures.. go with one of those.

Anonymous said...

I vote for all of them. especiaLLy the hairless one.

Anonymous said...

does mom know you're getting a kitten?

Courtney said...

short haired...orange

amersons said...

kitten 6. oh, what? there is no kitten 6? yup, that's the one i pick.

Angerson said...

No. Mom does not know. It will be a pleasant surprise!!! shhhh

KAT said...

sorry ang about the kitten. but we got the beeper instead!