Movin' Out...

So I'm moving back into my parents house next weekend. Yes, a big change. But, I've already realized some major benefits of moving back in...

1) There is a Chipotle 2 min. away
2) Much closer to work
3) I don't have to use the toll road anymore (on a daily basis)
4) I love my family, so it's great
5) There are awesome animals there
6) They have a housekeeper
7) I'm saving loads of $$$
8) I can FINALLY get a kitten!!!!

Reasons I'm not so happy about moving back in with my parents...
1) I'm moving back in with my parents


amersons said...

Number 8 on your happy list is number 1 on my not so happy list.

I'm just saying.

The Reed's Adoption Journey said...

And you now live 2 1/2 min from me :)